Playing a sport after age 50? All the doctors will tell you: it’s a great idea. Provided that you remain cautious and favour safe activities, because the bodies of older people no longer respond as well to the demands of physical effort. To help you choose, here is a list of the 5 best sports for seniors! SENIORS: CHOOSE YOUR SPORT CAREFULLY! After 50 years, not all sports activities are good anymore. The body weakens, muscle mass is reduced, the cardiovascular system is no longer as strong as before, balance is disturbed and joints become trapped. In short, a senior’s organism is no longer what it used to be! This is why some physical activities are

How to choose the right treadmill?

Tips for choosing and buying a treadmill The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment in the world. This success is explained by the multiple health benefits and the convenience of being able to run at home in all weathers. However, choosing and buying a treadmill is not easy given the number of models available on the market and the multitude of features offered. Discover in this buying guide our advice to make the right choice according to your objectives. Why buy a treadmill? The treadmill allows you to simulate running sessions on the field and thus to avoid bad weather conditions. No more time excuses! It is one of the most complete fitness